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About Us

Samantha with her baby

The Mom Behind The Brand

Lil Customs Vibes came out of a desire to help kids stand their ground with confidence. Passionate about children, being a mom, and having worked with children as an early childhood educator.

I believe, like many of you parents out there. that children are in search of their identity and need to build self-confidence. So l

thought" Hey! Why not create products for children" such as shoes and hooded blankets, with fun designs, and have them

custom made with their name on it"! Giving children the chance to say! "YES! My name is O and here I am!"

Our Products & Designs

At Lil Custom Vibes we strive to offer amazing footwear and accessories printed with our unique customized designs just for your Lil ones!

We're breaking new ground by combining original designs you can customize on super high-quality products!

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Eden's Project

One of our goals as parents is to provide a natural and safe environment for our children and their future. We've partnered up with Eden's Project, where 10 trees will be planted in different countries around the world for each order that is placed. The Eden's Project reforests and restores forests.

Some of the great advantages:

- This helps reduce gas carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere and make the air more breathable.

- Tree root systems help prevent soil erosion, which prevents water pollution.

- Reforestation also helps Animals find their natural habitat

- Eden's Project creates employment for local villagers and provides them with a constant income in order to provide for their families.

Help us, Help the Earth all the while making our Lil ones Smile!

Eden reforestation banner Guy giving seedlings to kids

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